Event planning
There is a lot to do

Event planning A-Z

Booking of Performers

From artistry to music

Choice of Venue

Small and intimate or on a larger scale


Creating the right ambiance

Catering, Furnishings, Service etc.

So many little details that depend upon each other

Your full service Event Agency in Berlin

Each planned event depends on the way it is individually orchestrated to create a certain atmosphere. For this to occur successfully, all elements, from the conception of the idea until the completion, need to be in harmony: from the venue to the furnishings, from the sound system and lighting to the artistes and hostesses, the catering and service staff. The preparation timeline is as individual as the customer’s needs.

If you require a Christmas party in your own premises, we will organize the most fitting catering service for you. If you need a performer, we will make sure that all the requirements are met: Many details have to be clarified from the time the booking is made up to the completion of the contract – this is our area of expertise. We establish your requirements during the initial consultation, and then develop ideas to best suit your needs. After all, we have almost 20 years of experience in the industry - we have literally seen a lot and have a good idea of what works. The ideas flow into an overall concept, are honed, rounded and budgeted, after which we coordinate everything - and get started.

Our responsibility as your event agency:
We are at your service from the beginning right up to the very end

We accompany your event actively in the background. We see problems in an unforeseen place and make sure that everything goes according to the planning.

So you and your guests can enjoy the party.

Our scope of services

Should you have a need that we do not meet – this too, we shall fulfill.

The right venue

We can transform almost any place for your event.

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? You have come to the right place!

We will find the venue that best suits your event. Be it a haystack or a tethered hot air balloon, a trendy loft or an ancient castle: we are able to transform anywhere, we also know secret locations and are happy to offer our consultations in planning your events to ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

Bookings of Performers

Performers for every kind of Event

It takes a real talent to hit the right note - in the same way that it is vital, that the performer’s and the audience’s hearts beat as one. Be it for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, company functions or gala dinners : for each occasion we have a suitable live act, an array of possibilities from a jazz ensemble to a formal welcoming address, through to a sole entertainer right up to a groovy party or a big band.

Art is beautiful but it also takes a lot of effort – as Karl Valentin was well aware of. Even when you have an idea about what type of entertainer would enhance the festivities you are planning, you still need to find that one act that can truly make the difference.

What are you looking for?

  • An entertainer who livens up the party?
  • A DJ who gets everyone out on the dance floor?
  • A band that rocks the house?
  • Or a fire eater who defies the flames?
  • A clown?
  • A celebrity?
  • An artist or artiste?
  • A cabaret artist or artiste?

We know them all ! We are familiar with the Arts scene of great and small performers not only in Berlin but we also have links nationwide as well as internationally.


It always comes down to good taste!

Our catering partners prepare dishes which range from the traditional Berlin Currywurst, a warm sausage flavoured with curry powder, through to hors d’oeuvres, right down to a sophisticated gala dinner. Your individual requirements are embedded in the concept we create for you, in terms of the type of event, your guests’ preference, and the venue. One cannot set limits to good taste!


Project Management

We get the ball rolling

As per your request, all aspects of your event’s organization is managed by our Agency. This includes the supervision of the preparations or individual services:

  • Establishing a concept
  • The search for a venue
  • The organization of your conference
  • Access to all genres of entertainers
  • Furnishing your event accordingly
  • Facilitating the relevant technical equipment
  • Establishing room layouts
  • Schedules / Time plans
  • Project Management
Technical options for your event

Spotlight !

It is essential to have optimal sound and lighting for your event to be a success. It is best not to leave anything to chance. We have professional technical equipment at our disposal as well as the know how to create the desired effect for your event.

Overhead projections or recordings? If you want to enhance the effect of your speaker, highlight your presentation using graphs and charts, or simply want to impress your audience with a performer, we recommend that you select from our array of technical possibilities. We guarantee a smooth implementation of your technical needs. Upon request, we also offer a complete recording of your event.